EAA110 Congratulates Eliose Eifler as the 2019 recipient of the Ray Scholarship award. Shown here with her mother Ashley.
Eloise Eifler – 2019 EAA110 Ray Scholarship recipient completes her 1st SOLO. Congrats Eloise!!!
Eloise who is the EAA110 2019 Ray Scholarship recipient just got back from her cross country solo, and based on this picture she seems quite pleased with the experience!
2019 Ray Scholarship winner Eloise is quite happy as she passed her written exam. Congrats Eliose!!
Good news everyone! Eloise Eifler passed the FAA practical test today and, as she is quick to point out to anyone within ear shot, she is now a licensed private pilot. Congratulations Eloise! You Rock!!

President Rick Mills gives Nathan Hammond of Ghost Writer Shows a certificate and water bottle for his excellent presentation at our June meeting.

Rick Mills presenting Josh Youssef from SKYBEACON2020 with a certificate of appreciation for his ADS-B out Sky Beacon presentation at the March 2019 EAA meeting








Incoming President Rick Mills honors Keith Mountain as holding post of past President of EAA110 for last 8 years and given a commemorative plaque and 2 cans of a soon to be one of his favorite special beers!


Bob Allen and Billy Ladd honored for Fifty years of aviation! Billy Ladd      Bob Allen


Chuck Holsclaw FAA, Bob and Susan Allen