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EAA 110 has been recognized as a 2020 GOLD level Chapter. We are the only chapter in Kentucky so designated!

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NOTE: Currently we are holding our monthly meetings as scheduled. If an event is listed here then it will likely be held. Any updates or changes will be posted on this website as soon as they are known.


Check out further down for exciting news about fellow EAA 110 member Eloise Eifler becoming a pilot! Updated 9/22/2020

Whether you are a compulsive builder or have never turned a wrench, if you like small airplanes this is the place for you

Our meeting location

The Aero Club Bowman Field

2nd Wednesday each month

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Click here or on the above picture to go to the site for a chance to win a Cessna 150!




Eloise Eifler – 2019 EAA110 Ray Scholarship recipient completes her 1st SOLO. Congrats Eloise!!!

Eloise who is the EAA110 2019 Ray Scholarship recipient just got back from her cross country solo, and based on this picture she seems quite pleased with the experience!
2019 Ray Scholarship winner Eloise is quite happy as she passed her written exam. Congrats Eliose!!
It’s time for some good news for our EAA members and a new picture for the website!  Eloise Eifler passed the FAA practical test today and, as she is quick to point out to anyone within ear shot, she is now a licensed private pilot. 

Eloise proudly displays her temporary private pilot license while getting her picture made with flight instructor and fellow EAA member Robin Sloan.

Congratulations Eloise! You Rock!!

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